The Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace is an organization focused on helping organizations enable a healthy work environment through effective leadership behaviors and practices. We strive to achieve this through different partnerships and initiatives that consists of leadership development, Executive Coaching, and speaking engagements. We also help organizations by providing them an opportunity to assess their workplaces and practices with organizational assessments that include HI Workplace, Leadership Behavior Effectiveness, and Organizational Change Readiness.

Human and AI


To create a world of human centered organizations


Improve organizational effectiveness by enabling a human intelligent workplace


The human-centered organization is one that exists to fulfill a purpose for its users, customers, and community, and orients all of its innovation and operations activities around those people. It has instilled the principles of human-centered design and applied them in their most pure form to every aspect of their organization. 

A human Centered Organization

    • focuses on creating better human experiences builds resilience and de-risks innovation through continuous
      iteration and learning
    • cares as much about the experience of its diverse, empowered teams as it does about its customers
    • intentionally, actively embeds these principles into the fabric of the

Source: IBM


Higher Revenue


Outperforms S&P 500


and believer in emphasizing the human value in organizations

Dr. Edwin Mouriño

Veteran and Founder of Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace

Dr. Mouriño is a distinguished Air Force veteran, accomplished author, and esteemed practitioner and speaker in the fields of Human Capital and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). With a strong focus on empowering leaders and organizations, Dr. Mouriño has dedicated his career to facilitating self-improvement and driving impactful change.

Drawing upon his extensive experience, Dr. Mouriño has successfully led and supported various organizational change projects throughout his illustrious professional journey. His expertise spans across diverse industries, including Fortune 100 companies. As the founder and president of Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace, he spearheads an organization committed to assisting leaders in their personal growth through effective leadership, team development, and executive coaching. Additionally, Dr. Mouriño serves as a respected college professor and holds the esteemed position of Senior Fellow on the DEI and Leadership Steering Committees at the Conference Board.

Dr. Mouriño’s thought leadership and comprehensive understanding of Human Capital issues have been instrumental in driving successful organizational change efforts. His areas of expertise encompass Leadership Development, DEI, Executive Coaching, Team Development, Executive Retreats, Personality Assessments, and Organizational Change. He has been invited to speak at numerous prestigious professional events, further solidifying his reputation as a sought-after authority in his field.

With a Ph.D. in HRD, Dr. Mouriño’s dissertation focused on the critical aspect of Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) in both virtual and co-located workplaces. This research holds immense relevance in today’s post-pandemic landscape, as organizations grapple with the challenges of remote and hybrid work environments. Furthermore, Dr. Mouriño has authored several influential books and numerous articles, delving into crucial human capital trends such as DEI, the aging workforce, the growing Latino workforce, and leadership, among other pertinent topics.

Dr Mourino’s experience, expertise, and unwavering commitment to helping leaders to help themselves make him a valuable partner in your learning journey


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