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July 13, 2020

My intent with this article is not to trivialize life to biking, but just to share a perspective. Usually when I have a chance to bike/exercise by myself I usually have time to think and reflect on life.

Since becoming a road avid biker, I have had my ups and downs along the way while engaging in my now favorite exercising sport.  When it comes to biking what I mean by ups and downs is really just about enjoying the exercising ride without mechanical or physical issues.  

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Some of the ups I’ve had is purchasing a new and now favorite bike (my new toy). Another one is completing a long ride with a both a new distance and speed record. Others consist of going out for a long ride with a group of riders. Some others are knowing more things about the sport that I did not before and using it to my riding advantage. 

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Some of the downs consist of going out to bike and just feeling like you’re not into it, so the ride seems extra-long. Others consist of falling down when my shoes stay locked in or I miscalculate my ride and fall down (more embarrassing than anything else). Other down moments are getting dressed and ready to for a nice long ride only to find you have a flat tire. Last, there is the always getting a flat tire while on a long ride-not a pleasant experience. 

Now how is biking like life? Every day we have the blessing of waking up, which really sums up the saying of one more day and one less day in this life.  Life as we know is full of ups and downs. 

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The ups consist of our professional successes along our career. They consist of the love and support of our loved ones and being there for their successes. The ups consist of traveling to places we’ve never seen before with our loved ones and enjoying the experience. The ups consist of euphoric experience of winning at some sport or business or other venture.  In essence, the ups consist of activities and accomplishments we’re involved in that we see as a positive experience.

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The downs on the other side consist of failing at something we really wanted. They consist of losing a loved one, or possibly missing the job opportunity we were striving for. Downs consist of something not turning out how we really wanted. 

So, as I continue to engage in my now favorite exercise, I am glad to share that as I enjoy my biking experience for me it is like living. Enjoy the ride and enjoy life. When biking and you fall and you get up just as we do in life. So, for the bikers, enjoy your biking and enjoy your life, and most importantly especially during these times remain safe.

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