In the era of AI and change, organizations will need to create a Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace by creating a positive Organizational Culture (Part 2)

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Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace
Helping Leaders Help Themselves

March 11, 2024

A Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace is defined as one where leaders model effective leadership behaviors by creating an organizational culture where the workers’ experience is one of being engaged while collaborating with their diverse team members

It is a workplace where the workforce feels psychologically safe  when raising different perspectives, taking risks, being innovative, and/or being creative. It is a workplace where the workforce feels listened to and understood by their leaders. It is a workplace where the workforce finds fulfillment in the work they do and in the organization they work in.

As you can read, the second component that can enable a Human Intelligent Workplace is about organizational culture. Organizational Culture is all about shared values, attitudes, and practices that characterize an organization. It is the environment that the workforce is involved in and works in to deliver results. It has been referred to as the white space in an organization.

 Why might this be important? Organizational culture has been described as the personality of the organization. A healthy organizational culture has been associated with increased health of the workforce, engagement, increased retention, and an overall productive organization among others. Leaders are instrumental in creating a positive organizational culture in order to ensure the workforce feels valued, listened to, engaged, fulfilled, psychologically safe, and motivated.

Some questions to consider for those in a leadership role about their organizational culture are the following:

  1. How would I describe our organizational culture?
  2. How would our workforce describe our organizational culture?
  3. Is the organizational culture a healthy one that enables our workforce to thrive?
  4. Does our organizational culture help create a great place to work?
  5. Does our organizational culture enable the workforce to achieve their organizational objectives??
  6. Does our organizational culture differentiate us from our competition?

Today’s organizations and workforce have evolving needs and expectations. In order to provide your organization with competitive edge a healthy organizational culture will be not only beneficial but an imperative. This one core piece along with the others will allow for you to create a Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace, particularly in the era of AI and of exponential change. How well is your organizational culture for today’s changing workplace environment?

Reach out if you’d like to discuss ways to assess your organization to determine if and what sort of plan you need to develop.

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