In the era of AI: The Need for a Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace

Human and AI

Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace
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January 31, 2024

“What our brain needs is a leader to create environments that feel safe and certain. Needs leaders who communicate well, make understanding them easy, create fair and transparent process, so our brains do not waste precious effort in second guessing or trying to understand what to do.”

Tara Swift, Kitty Chisholm, and Paul Brown

Neuroscience for Leadership

The above quote highlights what is needed by workers in organizations as they face an unprecedented convergence of social, technological, political, and ecological forces and changes. Because of this, a concept that is beginning to be discussed and written about is human-centered organization. It focuses on creating better human experiences and taking advantage of the experiences of its diverse and empowered workforce while addressing customer demands and needs.

I believe this focus on the humans in organizations is a good thing and overdue. The Pandemic created a tipping point for organizations, particularly for their workforce. With the explosion of working remotely and now hybrid and the changing psychology of today’s workforce, it will be imperative for organizations to adapt. Add to this that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now beginning to take center stage for organizations creating another challenge and opportunity for organizations and their workforce. 

For some AI will completely revolutionize how organizations will use their workforce going forward. This creates a threat to today’s workforce with changing expectations of working in an environment where they can work for a purpose, be happy, and engaged, feel psychologically safe, and continue to grow and contribute. 

For others, AI will complement their workforce, enhance the organization’s productivity, and eliminate work from the workers that is monotonous, routine, and not fulfilling. These organizations will look to maximize the use of the new technology while ensuring their workforce embraces it and uses it as a competitive advantage.  

For the above reasons and more to come, I have introduced the concept of a Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace and created an organization that helps other organizations become more of a HI workplace. Because I believe this is what will be needed is to ensure organizations will be more human-centered while incorporating AI and addressing all of the changes taking place and increasingly becoming a more humane workplace.

We define an (HI) Workplace as one where leaders model effective leadership behaviors by creating an organizational culture where the worker’s experience is one of remaining engaged while collaborating with their diverse team members. 

One where the workforce feels psychologically safe when raising different perspectives, taking risks, being innovative, or being creative. It is a workplace where the workforce feels listened to and understood by their leaders. It is a workplace where the workforce finds fulfillment in the work they do and the organization they work in.

Some questions to consider are: is my organization part of this human-centered movement that more organizations are beginning to embrace and embark on? And in an era of exponential change and AI, is my organization an HI workplace? Are our leaders modeling effective leadership behaviors that enable an environment and culture of psychological safety? If you’d like to find out if your organization is, consider reaching out and partnering with us so you can assess your organization and create a plan for the future.

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