Consult and Partner on Different Organizational Needs

HI Workplace has a variety of organizational questionnaires that organizations can use to assess the organization and the workforce.

In particular we offer:

Hi framework

Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace Questionnaire

This questionnaire looks to provide the client and organization an opportunity to reflect and assess based on their perception how effective their organization might be regarding a human-centered organization. The questionnaire can be used by an individual leader to allow them to reflect based on how HI is defined and characterized. It also allows for the organization to get an organizational level view and perspective on the above. Once the client has a baseline, they can partner with our organization to decide on a game plan forward based on the need.

Leadership Behavior Effectiveness (LBE) Questionnaire

The LBE questionnaire is intended for leaders to assess their leadership effectiveness in addition to collecting a comprehensive view from their direct team members and possible 360 perspective. This summary can then serve as creation for a personal development plan, executive coaching, or other more appropriate intervention for development. These can also be used with other instruments as needed.


Executive Coaching

Organizational Readiness for Change (OCR) Questionnaire

This questionnaire provides an opportunity for the client to assess their organization on readiness for change based on the components identified in the questionnaire. The client/leader can use this by completing it individually and from a collective organizational perspective.