Books and Articles By Dr. Edwin Mouriño

The Perfect Human Capital Storm: Workplace Human Capital Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century
By Edwin Mouriño There are numerous trends taking place around the world and especially in the U.S. with implications for organizations, the workplace, leaders, and supporting organizations like Human Resources. How organizations and their leadership react and proactively address these changes will be difference between positioning themselves for success in the future or for disappearing as other organizations have disappeared.
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Leading Diversity in the 21st Century (NA)
The Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) model of leadership has shown that effective leader-follower relationships predict employee well-being and performance. Less research, however, addressed how diversity variables may affect the development of leader-member exchange and outcomes. This book moves the field forward by addressing the 21st century challenges of how diversity may impact the development of effective working relationships. Key trends in the workforce suggest that the impact of diverse employees will challenge a leader's ability to develop effective working relationships with all direct reports.
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Gringo-Latino: Historias/Stories of Pursuing el Sueno Americano/American Dream
The U.S. demographics are changing. It is increasingly getting minority, in particular Latino. They are actually 53 million estimated Latinos in the U.S., making the 2nd most country in the world, only after Mexico with most Latinos. In addition the U.S. is the 5th country in the world where Spanish is spoken. For every Anglo that dies one is born, for every Latino that dies, 8 are born. Due to this increasing population, changing demographic, and exchanging influence is why I decided to write this book.
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