The Perfect Human Capital Storm


Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace
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April 16, 2014

There is a perfect storm brewing globally and nationally with workplace implications particularly over the next decade and beyond. It consists of a variety of factors that are increasing in pace and gaining importance over time. Due to these factors it might appear overwhelming to address and yet organizations need to address them because they are not going away and will create the difference between organizations that succeed and those that become part of the past.

The following are trends that have implications for organizations and in turn for leaders at all levels in organizations. As society continues to age, demographics also continue to change. The minority and majority terms will evolve in the 21 century particularly in the U.S. We have an increasing aging workforce around the world. The U.S. has presently four ages in the workforce. Education will increasingly become more important as a higher education will be needed for the higher-level skills needed in today and the future workplace. Yet the US is not keeping up the pace with the rest of the world when it comes to having a future educated workforce. Technology continues and will continue to grow and change at exponential levels. Employee engagement continues to gain importance especially during these changing and tough economic times. All of these trends force change as organizations try to adapt to the ever-changing environment while trying to stay ahead of their competitors at an increasing pace. Leadership and leadership development will increasingly become fundamental for the success of organizations.

Each one these trends by themselves present challenges and opportunities for organizations. But they are all happening at the same time while organizations work to stay ahead of their competitors. If society should have learned something by now, especially in the early stages of the 21 century, is that we can no longer say that something will not happen. Because since 2000 forward, many things have occurred in society, with technology, and globally that we probably had not considered even in the late 20 century.

The important question to ask, is your organization ready for these human capital changes? Or will other organizations beat your organization by adapting, partnering, and enabling themselves to succeed in these increasingly changing times? You assess and decide.

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