Today’s Workforce needs a Different Type of Leader

Today’s Workforce needs a Different Type of Leader

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June 10, 2024

Today & Tomorrow’s Workplace will be Different.

Plenty has been written and spoken about what effective leadership is for today’s workforce and organizations. Many theories have been created and leadership development is estimated to be a $60 billion business. This is particularly important for today’s workforce when it has been found that coaching, communications, teaming, and Emotional Intelligence are priorities for leadership development in addition to managing in a hybrid environment.

When I began in the space of leadership development and diversity, communications and biases were key issues for organizations to overcome. Today we’re still facing the same issues with leaders where one study has found that only 8% of leaders are effective listeners and communicators. 

Change is all around us and the Pandemic accelerated organizational change and expectations from the workforce. This change has created additional fatigue and stress for leaders and their workforce. This has led to work being cited as the fifth cause of death due to stress and to more leaders wishing they were not in a leadership role or to younger generations not interested in a leadership role. 

Today’s workforce is looking for purpose, happiness, empathy, listening, compassion, authentic and genuine leaders. Yet when asked over one-third of workers would give up on a pay raise to see their boss fired. This is occurring when 80% of leaders considered themselves effective leaders and almost the same percentage of workers considered them to be ineffective. 

With over 90% of executives recognizing the need for effective leadership, they not only need to model the way, but they need to ensure their organizations are creating environments and mechanisms to ensure their leaders are modeling the behaviors needed for today’s workforce. That their leaders are equipped, held accountable, and rewarded to create a great place to work environment and a more human-centered workplace. 

All of this has led to the question if we’re expecting or developing the wrong type of leader. Are organizations rewarding the most vocal, charismatic, or extroverted? Are organizations not only preparing leaders through leadership development, but how are they holding them accountable and what are they rewarding them for? 

Organizations are going to need to ensure their leaders model effective leadership behaviors by creating an organizational culture where the worker’s experience is one of being engaged while collaborating with their diverse team members. They will need to create an organization where the workforce feels psychologically safe when raising different perspectives, taking risks, being innovative, or being creative. It is a workplace where the workforce feels listened to and understood by their leaders. It is a workplace where the workforce finds fulfillment in the work they do and the organization they work in.

What is your organization and its senior leadership team doing to ensure this? Does your organization have the type of leaders that your workforce is expecting particularly in these changing times? 

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